Tax Deductible Donations

For US Citizens/Residents:

Using PERC to Make Tax-Deductible Donations

PERC, Inc. is s a registered section 501(c)(3) charity [EIN 65-0870592] created in 1998 to support the philanthropic work of non- profit organizations in Hope Town, Man O’ War and Marsh Harbour and receive a tax-deductible receipt. PERC will accept donations from any U.S. person or corporation.

Donors can identify ‘St. James Methodist Church, Hope Town’ as a preferred charity. The minimum donation per charity that may be made via PERC is $250.00. St. James is registered with PERC as a qualified charity.

Donations are made to PERC (see below), and the funds are mailed by PERC via a check to the Treasurer, St. James Methodist Church, Hope Town.

How to Make a Donation

A. Make checks payable to: PERC, Inc.

IMPORTANT! Add the following information to the face of check:*

1. Donor’s U.S.P.O address
2. Donor’s email address (if any)
3. Name of the designated charity: St. James Methodist Church

B. Mail checks directly to PERC:

PERC, Inc.
153 West Shore Road
Grand Isle, VT 05458


C. When Doug Hyde is in Hope Town, checks may be given to him personally (contact: 242-366-0236 or 802-372-5866/802-343-0059 or

For more information: 


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